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Titus Andronicus (Hart House Theatre)

Shalyn McFaul’s Tamora was particularly impressive… powerful, sultry, and …devilishly clever. – Mooney On Theatre

Omnium Gatherum (Theatre By Committee)

The standout performances of the night for me (was) Shalyn McFaul (Suzie)…McFaul strikes a delicate balance between the comedy of Suzie’s chipper drive to keep the evening on track and ensuring that she remains a sympathetic individual. –

Much Ado About Nothing (Hart House Theatre)

Shalyn McFaul as Beatrice [is] delightful. […] just an absolute joy to watch onstage. – Mooney On Theatre

Shalyn McFaul plays Beatrice and is lively, emotional and takes-no-prisoners when she gets into an argument or debate. – The Slotkin Letter

I also have to praise Shalyn McFaul, who plays Beatrice, as she is an incredibly strong lead and really anchors the theme of the play with her confidence and stage presence. –

Much Ado About Nothing (Unit 102 Theatre)

Shalyn McFaul turns around the throw away role of Antonia (usually Antonio) and delivers one of the most moving scenes in the play with real tears in her eyes. –

Boeing Boeing

2015/2016 Season Subscribers’ Choice award winner as Favourite Leading Performance by a Woman

“The play’s incredibly comedic writing is matched only by the cast’s stellar performances… Shalyn McFaul takes command of a lot of the show’s physical comedy as brutish German flight attendant and third fiancée, Gretchen.” – The Varsity

“McFaul has the most outrageous fun simmering in a sexual heat, backed up by some serious muscle ….(Anderei Preda’s) pas de deux with McFaul is outrageously ridiculous, sort-of hot, and added suspense to the waves of laughter…” – Drew Rowsome

“McFaul, as the busty, romantically-aggressive and sexually-suggestive German, was hilarious as she man-handled Robert with some excellent stage combat skills which really had the audience laughing.” – Mooney on Theatre

The Winter’s Tale

“Shalyn McFaul [is] excellent in their comedic interactions during the festivities for Perdita.” –



Nominated for 2018 Outstanding Supporting Performance in a Musical Production by My Entertainment World Critics’ Pick Awards (for The Producers)

Nominated for 2017 Outstanding Lead Actress in a Small Theatre Production by My Entertainment World Critics’ Pick Awards (for Omnium Gatherum)

Hart House Theatre Subscribers’ Choice Award 2016 – Best Lead Female Actor (for Boeing Boeing)

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